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We Are Renart

Renart Studios was established to craft with passion characters for animation, video games and 3D print.

David Martinez by Renart Studios - 3D character modeling services

At Renart, we specialize in crafting custom 3D animations that meet your specific requirements while maintaining a high standard of quality. Our dedicated team is committed to this task and we're always available. With our expertise and efficient workflow, we can help you save valuable time.


We work closely with our clients throughout the creative process to ensure we deliver the best results. Our pricing is customized to fit your budget and needs, and we're flexible and available to make any necessary modifications or schedule meetings as required.


At Renart, we're committed to providing our clients with an exceptional experience and helping them achieve their desired outcome.

Renart Studios, clever creation.


What We Are About


Our team of artists is composed of passionate individuals who are highly motivated and dedicated to their craft. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their work, as they strive to create high-quality 3D animations that accurately reflect and embody your unique vision.


We also hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism and work ethic. This includes meeting deadlines, maintaining effective communication, and providing transparent pricing to our clients.


Effective communication is paramount to the success of any project. At Renart, we prioritize collaboration, problem-solving, consistency, and efficiency within our team to continually improve the quality of our work.

Meet the Founders

Big sister of two little brothers, daughter of artists, Valérie knew how to take responsibility and organize very early on. Also coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she has known for a long time that she would start her own company, all that remained was to choose the field!

Valérie loves all the arts, especially the visual arts. She therefore enrolled in Cinema and Communication at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, but eventually completed her CEGEP in Human Sciences, World profile.

At the university, it is the administration that wins its heart with marketing, the artistic branch of business. She completed a bachelor's degree in business administration at UQAM, marketing concentration.

On the labor market, she enlisted as a secretary at the City of Saint-Jérôme, because it suited her values and was well paid. Exploring in turn the different departments of the city by various replacements, Valérie regularly tests her ability to adapt and learn. After three years, knowing that she was underutilizing her potential, that the municipal world was not made for her, she left her golden cage. It was with happiness that she was hired as a project officer at the CJE Mirabel where she was finally able to make more use of her knowledge of administration and develop new skills, particularly in organization. Opening a studio is a natural choice for Valérie, who will finally be able to combine her love for the arts and administration.

From childhood, Alexandre already drew at the slightest opportunity, especially characters. Like many children of his age, when he saw the film Jurassic Park, he was fascinated by 3D animation. It was clear, Alexandre discovered a passion.


As an adult, Alexandre enrolled at the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme in the Art program. Among the various courses, he flew over the Photoshop software, a discovery that guided his career choice. He then pursued studies in Computer Graphics. There he discovered an infinite universe of creation and possibilities. But he wanted to go further. With his learning of traditional arts and computer graphics techniques, he decided to continue his academic training at the NAD center, in the Visual Effects in Cinema and 3D Animation program.


Once his academic career was completed, he began his professional career as a 3D artist in VFX (Visual Effects). It was an interesting experience, but not quite what he wanted. After a few years, he remembered his childhood passions and made the bridge to Animation Studios. He worked for several years as an animator and character modeler.


Alexandre, always passionate, now has the experience and the assurance of being at the head of his own studio. He wants to continue to live and transmit his passion for the characters.

A tragic feast - By Alexandre Alin at Renart Studios  - 3D character modeling services


Remote work

Renart Studios is a fully remote organization, which provides our team members with the flexibility to balance their work commitments with personal responsibilities and spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Are you a passionate artist?

We are constantly seeking passionate and imaginative artists to join our team. Whether you are a junior or a senior artist, we welcome your interest and would be thrilled to extend an invitation to become a valued member of our family.

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