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Maya Real-time Collision Brush Rig

Hello friends!

I'm thrilled to share this brush rig featuring an automatic dynamic collision feature within Maya! No simulations are required, and you can use it in real-time. The rig is designed for detailed animation, offering options and features to customize your brush tip. Additionally, a script is included to create a shelf that allows for easy swapping of collider geometry. A README and Installation file is provided, offering all the necessary information for free usage (for both personal and commercial projects, with credits added for Renart Studios Inc.). There you have it! Enjoy!

I didn't shown you all the features but here they are:

-Twist(with the last controller you can rotate the Y axis)

-Scalable for both global and individual controllers

-You can animate in translation all the controllers

-Automatic collision between the brush and choosen surface

-Smooth deformation

-Angle the tip

-Flatten the brush

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